Beginners Circle for Spiritual and Psychic Development

Beginners Circle for Spiritual and Psychic Development
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Welcome to Psychic Development Circle. During this 10 week session you will learn to practice and exercise your psychic senses for better spiritual communication. Conveniently enough, these same communication skills will benefit you in your life personally and professionally. Here are some of the following topics that we will be learning and experiencing:

Practical Metaphysics:  the mechanics of communication between spirit and humanity, vibrational levels, humans as a communication tool, practical definitions and terms

Psychic Senses:  what each one is, what they do, how you work with each one, and the differences of using these senses for psychic and mediumistic work

Auras:  what they are, what they are made up of, how they affect and/or work with both psychic and spirit readings

Chakras:  exercising the basics with the 7 main chakra points, opening and closing your psychic centers, physical and psychic body connections

Readings:  The workings of Psychic and Spiritual readings the differences between both and practicing through psychic senses exercises and led meditations

Psychic Senses Exercises:  These are exercises that you will perform to become aware of all of the above within yourself.  With help, you will work each week to read in a different modality for someone within your circle.

Reading Modalities:  You will use some of the following modalities (tools) to perform your psychic senses exercises:  psychic linking, thought form, stones, cards, water, art, drawing, ribbons, etc.  Modalities are to provoke the connection to energy and spirit.

Spirit Readings:  These mediumship readings will be practiced via led meditations and (depending upon interest) in the final week(s), “practice” mediumship demonstrations will be performed within the group.


The Psychic Development Circle will consist of 10 weekly sessions. The registration fee is $5.00 and non-refundable.
Each week of class is $25.

Regular attendance is very important, necessary and expected as we are building energy with the group as a whole for all of us to learn and grow in.

Looking forward to working with you!
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