Beginners Mastering the Art of Reading Oracle Cards

Coming soon to New Jersey!

Card reading or Cartomancy has dated as far back as the 14th century.  In today’s world of Intuition and Psychic services card readings is by far the most common form of Psychic expression.

    In this beginners course we will explore the meanings and traditions of mastering the art of oracle card reading.

  • Defining and opening our psychic senses.
  • The history of the cards, the symbolic meanings hidden within the card imagery.
  • The timing associated with card readings.
  • The different type of cards offered and how they differ and the pros and cons of each.

Each two hour class will include a guided meditation to open up and strengthen your Psychic senses.

Hands on mentorship and exercises to validate your experience and build your confidence in receiving and delivering information.

A review of the most popular card decks offered.  Assistance in picking the deck that feels right for you.

We will not be exploring or learning reading traditional Tarot cards; we will be learning to connect to our psychic senses and readings alternative types of decks and oracle cards commonly used in Psychic Readings.


A commitment for each of the 6 week course is expected as your participation affects the group.
Fees of $25.00 are paid each week at the time of each class.

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