Psychic Readings

Appointments are offered by telephone.
A digital recording of your session is included for readings.
Readings are available Tuesday through Saturday.

Appointments Only
Please call for availability: 908-420-6651

Psychic readings are offered to individuals or couples via a private appointment. Readings may be done by telephone.

Stephanie is an Intuitive that uses all of her psychic senses to obtain information through images, sensations, emotions and understanding, by linking to your energetic soul imprint and connecting to your guides, ascended mentors and angels about your current situation, past items that are still influencing your present circumstances and the probable outcomes for the future.

A typical reading consists of the present time which covers your current 8 weeks life experiences and a future reading which covers the next 12 month cycle.  In total a 12 to 14 month intuitive description of the probable outcomes for the future during this time. 

Effective March 1, 2018

Psychic Readings are 60 minutes at the cost of 100.00.
A digital recording of your reading is included.

Currently I am only available for telephone Readings.