Spirit Connections


There are several ways to utilize a connection with the Spirit Realm.

Connecting to Guides, Angels, Ascended Master and Celestial Beings can assist you in your life’s path.  By connecting with the Spirit Realm, they can offer guidance for gaining an understanding of why you may feel stuck or unfulfilled. Assist with guiding you in life events that require choosing a direction or releasing situations or people that are currently in your life and causing you unrest or dis-ease. Offer direction for yourself or your relationships that may assist you in feeling more complete and joyful.

You can experience this form of Spirit Communication through a Spiritual Guidance Reading.

Connecting with loved ones that have crossed over into the After-Life. This connection may provide reassurance of their well being, find healing or closure for the relationship or passing and share memories, intimate details and emotional messages from your loved one.

You can experience this form of Spirit Communication through a Mediumship Reading.

Have you ever experienced Deja vu ?  Felt drawn to a place or time.  Suffered a fear that you can not explain.  Experienced relationship issues that seem to repeat themselves over and over? Wondered what you might have experienced in a previous life? All of your current and past life experiences that your Soul has witnessed are recorded in the Akashic Records.  The impact of your previous Soul choices, Karmic balancing and Soul expansion lessons are stored and accumulated in the Akashic. Through an Akashic Reading you may find the answers to many of the these topics and more.

You can experience this form of Spirit Communication through an Akashic Reading.