Akashic Reading

Appointments are offered by telephone or Skype.
A digital recording of your session is included for readings.
Readings are available Tuesday through Saturday.

Appointments Only
Please call for availability: 908-420-6651


Akashic readings are offered to individuals via private appointment.  Stephanie is a Master Akashic Reader that uses a Divine connection to Akashic Realm to read your soul records of current and past lives.

Using all of her senses Stephanie obtains details, symbols, Soul connections and experiences along with challenges or lessons involving your relationships and circumstances in your life.

Akashic Readings are 60 minutes at the cost of $125.00.
A digital recording of your reading is included.

Currently I am only available for telephone or SKYPE Readings

What is an Akashic Reading?

An Akashic reading differs from a Psychic reading in both experience and information.  The Reader is trained in the specifics of accessing the Soul Records that are recorded for each “life” your Soul has experienced and preserved in the Akashic Library.

The reader is a facilitator of your questions.  Information is obtained in the Records by direct questions you present to the Keepers that you wish to know in this life and previous Soul experiences you have had.

In past lives every moment of your existence has been recorded.  The other Souls you have shared these life experiences with and every interaction you have had, planned or unplanned. 

The reader brings forth information given to them by the gate keepers of the Records to answer specific questions you have presented.

Why an Akashic Readings?

An Akashic Record reading is an objective example of your current life experiences and planned destiny.  It presents to you the real reason you have come forth to expand, grow and heal. It has no emotional goal other than the greatest expression of your Soul. The information contained in the records are expressed in factual simple terms, without our human fears, bad experiences and confusion.

An Akashic Reading offers valuable insight into the planned circumstances of your BEING.  A reading can assist you in understanding and defining what you have chosen to BE, LEARN, HEAL, RELEASE, SURRENDER TO and BELIEVE IN.  These are just  few examples of how the Records can assist you in your life cycle for your own BEING and in relation to the other BEINGS you have contracted to take part in this life experience.

What to consider for an Akashic Reading?

Patterns in your life that seem to keep appearing.

Relationship issues or results with Family, Friends and Loved ones that seem unresolved no matter what you do.

Fears, unexplained phobias or insecurities.

Deja vu experiences, unexplained remembrances or recurring dreams.

Unlike an Intuitive Reading, Akashic Readings are in a Question/Answer format.  You direct the questions to the Keepers of the Records through the trained Akashic Reader.  The Reader then presents the information back to you as it has been written within the Records.

Therefore, advanced preparation is needed to have the best readings experience. Questions should be formed in a specific format in order to obtain the best specific answer.

Things to consider when forming your questions:

Questions should not contain “free will” phrasing, such as “should I”, “can I” or “will I”… your humanity is yours and with it comes the option to choose to affect your destiny by the decisions you make during your life experience.  The records contain what you HAVE done and what you HAVE contracted or agreed to do and with whom.  Therefore specific questions about what your future in this life holds, should be stated in such a way as asking if you have “agreed to”, “planned” or “contracted to”.

When asking a yes or no question, consider what you would like to know if the answer is yes or no.  Details and examples of the situation will not be given in a yes/no question.  Only the direct question will be answered.  Therefore have follow up questions ready in response to obtain more details in regard to the situation.

If you would like a pre-reading consultation to review your questions you may schedule a 30 minute review session for $50.00.