Mediumship Readings

Appointments are offered by telephone.
A digital recording of your session is included for readings.
Readings are available Tuesday through Saturday.

Appointments Only
Please call for availability: 908-420-6651


Mediumship readings are offered to individuals, couples or family members (2) via a private appointment. Readings may be done by telephone .

Stephanie is a Psychic Medium that uses all of her psychic senses to obtain information through images, sensations, emotions and understanding by connecting to your loved ones that have crossed over into the after-life.  Validations of memories, life events, personal details and heartfelt messages from the loved one in Spirit are communicated via the Mediumship connection.

Effective March 1, 2018

Mediumship Readings are 60 minutes at the cost of $130.00.
A digital recording of your reading is included.

Currently I am only available for telephone Readings.